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USA. Independence Day. Joe Biden – speech, fireworks display

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We are the leading nation of this world. The rest of the world is watching us,” US President Joe Biden said during his Independence Day speech. In New York, Macy’s department store celebrated the holiday with a fireworks display for the 47th time.

“It really matters that we show support for our military on a day like this. This is an amazing opportunity we have,” said the US president Joe Biden during his Independence Day speech.

– Yes, we are the leading nation of this world. The rest of the world is watching us,” Biden added.

Joe and Jill Biden PAP/EPA/Ting Shen/POOL

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He appealed to those gathered in front of the White House for a successful celebration. – Thank you. You are great. It’s a great day for the United States,” he concluded.

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New York pyrotechnic homage

For the 47th time, Macy’s department store celebrated Independence Day in New York with a fireworks display on Tuesday. The organizers called the country’s largest event on this occasion a patriotic, pyrotechnic tribute to USA.

On the night of July 4, the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the sky was filled with 60,000 fireworks and other light effects. They were fired from five barges on the East River. The celebration was watched live by hundreds of thousands of people and television viewers from all over America.

Independence Day fireworks displayPAP/EPA/JUSTIN LANE

“70 percent of this year’s show will be completely new attractions. Plenty of new elements will animate, change colors and shapes from several hundred meters in the air to the surface of the water. (…) Combined with a soundtrack featuring American classics (including the US anthem “The Star Bangled Banner” and the patriotic song “America the Beautiful”), this year’s celebration will honor the pioneers who have shaped our past, present and future,” said Will Coss, executive producer of the Macy’s show.

The US celebrated Independence Day PAP/EPA/Ting Shen/POOL

New effects for the 25-minute burst of fireworks included: over one and a half kilometer wide waving flag in red, white and blue national colors, stroboscopic shells, a sunflower ring, as well as the so-called “Pyro Ghost” changing from one color to another.

Acting Commissioner of the New York Police Department (NYPD) Edward Caban emphasized that security has been worked on throughout the year.

Independence Day fireworks displayPAP/EPA/JUSTIN LANE

“Deciding security plans for events of this magnitude is what the NYPD does on a daily basis, and I can say that the NYPD does it better than anyone else,” Caban told CBS.

It was forbidden to bring alcohol, backpacks, large bags, garden chairs and umbrellas. Six helicopters accompanied the police officers.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Ting Shen/POOL

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