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USA. Indiana. A ball of fire lit up the sky, and there was a loud boom. The residents alerted the authorities

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A bright spot lit up the sky over Indiana. It was accompanied by a loud bang. People in one county thought it was an explosion. It turned out that the culprit of the whole commotion was a meteor.

Residents of Hamilton County, Indiana, were awakened by a loud bang on Friday night into Saturday. Concerned, they reported the matter to the local crisis management center.

“The US National Weather Service’s lightning detection system registered ‘something over Carrol County’,” the Hamilton County Emergency Management Center said. The investigation, combined with amateur recordings, showed that a meteor was responsible for the bang and flashes in the sky.

The unusual phenomenon was captured on video by a home camera in Greenwood, Indiana. The fireball appeared at 20:47 local time.

According to the American Meteor Society, similar phenomena have recently been observed in Michigan and Illinois.

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Meteor – how does this phenomenon arise?

A meteor is the trail left behind by a meteoroid, i.e. a piece of rock falling into the Earth’s atmosphere. It is seen as a very bright, rapidly descending point, often leaving behind a short-lived streak. The bright streak that looks like a shooting star is actually the extremely hot air produced by this object.

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