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USA. James Cameron: I see a lot of parallels between the Titanic and Titan disasters

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The director of the film “Titanic” and ocean explorer James Cameron stated in an interview with ABC News that the tragedies of Titan and the Titanic have many similarities. In both cases, the captains did not heed the warnings of danger, he noted.

– I am struck by the similarities with the Titanic disaster itself, where the captain was repeatedly warned about the ice ahead of his ship, and yet he was going full steam ahead into the ice field on a moonless night. And as a result, many people died, said Canadian director and ocean explorer James Cameron.

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The director of Titanic has pointed out that submarine diving is a “mature art” and many experts and engineers have warned OceanGate that Titan’s design is too experimental to carry passengers.

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TitanReuters, OceanGate

“That a very similar tragedy, where the warning signs were ignored, happened in exactly the same place is simply staggering. It’s actually quite surreal,” Cameron said.

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Cameron: Nargeolet’s death impossible to understand

The Canadian expressed his regret over the death of French diver Paul-Henri Nargeolet, with whom he had been friends for 25 years. He added that the death of the Frenchman – known in the environment as “Mr. Titanic” due to frequent trips to the wreck – is “almost impossible for him to understand”.

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Sam Cameron, who has been conducting underwater explorations for years – in 2012 he was the first man to go to the bottom of the Mariana Trench on his own – visited the site of the Titanic wreck 33 times. He calculated that he “spent more time on the ship than its captain.”

Main photo source: Reuters, OceanGate

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