USA. Jeremy Renner fell under the plow. New details of the accident: he tried to save his nephew


The accident happened when Jeremy Renner was trying to save his adult nephew from being hit by a machine, according to a report quoted by CNN on Wednesday. The actor was hit by a working snow plow near his home in Nevada in early 2023. In the accident, he suffered fractures of more than 30 bones throughout the body.

Jeremy Renner had an accident on January 1 while clearing snow from his property. According to reports so far, the incident occurred when the actor stopped shoveling snow to talk to a relative. “The victim was run over by a snow groomer” – this was the first fragment of the note written by the operator of the emergency number at that time. “The caller is screaming. He indicates that the victim fell and was crushed” – the operator wrote further.

The actor tried to save his nephew

New details on the accident come from a report by the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office published on January 25 by CNN. It says the incident happened when Jeremy Renner towed his nephew’s truck after it got stuck in the snow. After the truck was towed away, the actor’s plow began to “slip” and then “roll down the hill,” Renner said during a hospital interview. Then he decided to jump out of the car.

Jeremy Renner with his sister Kym in the hospitalJeremy Renner/twitter

“Once he was away from Pistenbully (the name of the plow belonging to the actor – ed.), he realized that it was heading directly towards (his nephew),” the report said. “He was concerned that Pistenbully would hit (his nephew) so he decided to try to stop or reverse Pistenbully.” However, when Renner tried to enter the cabin, he was “immediately pulled under the left track”.

The content of the document shows that it was the nephew who was one of the first people who helped him before the arrival of medical personnel. According to the authors of the report, the plow would not move forward if the actor applied the handbrake. However, as they pointed out, the brake light in the cabin did not work, so “mechanical issues may have contributed to the accident.”

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Jeremy Renner broke over 30 bones

As a result of the accident, the star of such films as “The Avengers” or “The Trap of War” suffered a chest injury and orthopedic injuries. He had had at least two surgeries before left the hospital in mid-January. On Sunday, January 22, he posted on social media a photo of the rehabilitation he is undergoing at home after being discharged from the hospital.

“Morning workouts, resolutions, everything changed this particular new year” – he stated in the Instagram photo caption. He added that the accident was “a tragedy for his whole family”. “I want to thank everyone for their messages and concern for my family and me. Lots of love and appreciation to all of you. These over 30 broken bones will heal, strengthen, as love and bond with family and friends will deepen,” he added.

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