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USA. Joe Biden and Donald Trump on the border with Mexico

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On Thursday, US President Joe Biden asked his predecessor and rival Donald Trump at the border with Mexico not to block the proposed border restrictions, but to cooperate to implement them. Trump, who also visited the border that day, accused the president of causing a “migrant crime wave.”

– As I understand it, my predecessor is in Eagle Pass today. “Here’s what I would like to say to Mr. Trump: instead of telling members of Congress to block this bill, join me, or I will join you, in telling Congress to pass this bill,” he said. Joe Biden in a speech in Brownsville, Texas, on the border with Mexico.

Biden referred to the compromise on immigration reforms negotiated by both parties in the Senate, which was later rejected by Republicans as a result of Trump’s pressure. Biden stated that his rival sought to block reforms in order to prolong the crisis and not lose his main theme of the election campaign.

US President Joe BidenADAM DAVIS/PAP/EPA

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The president argued that the blocked project would be the most restrictive set of border reforms ever implemented, giving the president the powers to, among other things, to close the border to asylum seekers outside legal border crossings.

According to Biden, the bill would also give officers at the border much more opportunities, tighten the criteria for granting asylum and shorten the waiting time for a decision from the current 5-7 years to 6 months, which, in his opinion, would significantly reduce the attractiveness of trying to cross the border.

Trump accuses Biden of intentionally letting terrorists into the country

Trump, who visited the hottest part of the border on Thursday, mostly repeated his accusations from campaign speeches in his speech just before the president’s speech, accusing Biden of deliberately letting terrorists, rapists, criminals and the mentally ill into the country.

Trump on the border with Mexico Reuters

United States are being invaded by Biden’s migrant crime. This is a new form of cruel rape against our country, he said. He also repeated his announcement that if he comes to power, he will carry out the largest deportation of migrants in history.

They criticized Biden’s trip to Texas in a similar way on Thursday Republicans in Congress, who previously called on the president to come to the border and see the crisis with his own eyes.

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson called it a campaign stunt and accused the president of going to Texas to take a photo at the border.

Donald Trump visited a section of the border with Mexico Reuters

He also called on him to apologize to Americans for the crisis and for crimes committed by illegal immigrants, including the well-publicized case of the murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Hope Riley by a migrant from Venezuela.

Johnson also claimed that President Biden could almost immediately resolve the crisis at the border through executive orders, restoring the policies of his predecessor and not requiring an act of Congress to do so.

The crisis at the border is one of the main topics of the US campaign

The issue of migration and the crisis at the border is currently one of the main topics of the ongoing election campaign. It is also one of the main problems mentioned in polls by voters.

According to a Gallup survey from February, 28% of people indicated immigration as the most important problem. respondents, putting it at the forefront of the most pressing issues.

According to statistics, during President Biden’s term of office, an average of approximately 2 million migrants were apprehended at the border per year; during the rule of his predecessor, this number was less than 500,000.

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