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USA. Joe Biden and Donald Trump will face each other. The first such clash in years

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Recently, many events in the USA are unique because they are the first in history. It's the same now. The upcoming debate will be the earliest presidential election debate ever held United States. Both politicians even still they are not formally candidates their parties for president. They will become so only after the conventions; Republican Party It's mid-July, a Democratic Party in half of August.

Rules of debating

Since 1989, all debates have been organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates. The committee was responsible for establishing the rules of the debates and the criteria for qualifying for the debate – one of the most important criteria was appropriately high support in the polls.

This time, however, those scheduled to debate refused to cooperate with the committee, claiming that it had failed to organise the debates four years ago. Prezydent Biden The committee alleges, among other things, that in 2020, during the debate in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, appropriate precautions were not taken. Donald Trump the commission incurred the fallout when it wanted to hold the third debate online four years ago. Trump disagreed and withdrew from the last debate at that time.

Now the debate is organized by a television station. The host will be CNN. And these will be the main rules of this meeting:

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  1. Candidates they will not make opening statements, only closing statements. He'll be the first to do it Joe Biden. This is what the draw decided
  2. There will be no audience encouraging debaters to fight with words. In previous campaigns, the audience often loudly expressed their satisfaction with some of the candidate's statements or showed their dissatisfaction very bluntly. Now it's supposed to be calm. Only presenters and debaters.
  3. Candidates will only be allowed to speak at their designated time, outside of it their microphones will be turned off. The idea is to avoid a repeat of the first debate of 2020, when Donald Trump kept talking.

The Washington Post calculated that Trump interrupted Biden more than 70 times during that debate. Instead of a substantive conversation, there was a headache-inducing cacophony, which Joe Biden tried to end by saying to his opponent – Could you please just shut up?

  1. Candidates they cannot bring any previously prepared notes with them to the debate.
  2. The debate will last one and a half hours and will be moderated by two CNN journalists.

Both staffs took part in establishing the rules of the debate and both staffs agreed to the above-mentioned rules. However, this does not prevent Donald Trump's associates from claiming that the debate will be rigged for Biden because CNN criticizes Trump. Yet it was none other than Donald Trump who kept saying he was ready to debate Joe Biden “anywhere, anytime.”


Both candidates spent the last few days before the debate preparing. The president and his aides were holed up in Camp David, where they were developing a strategy: they were preparing to visit potential questions and expected attacks from their opponents. Joe Biden's camp was supposed to focus on the fact that, on the one hand, the president would emphasize during the debate that Donald Trump's second term would mean dangerous radicalism for America, in almost every area of ​​lifeand, on the other hand, for the president to involve those less interested and determined voters in the ongoing campaign, whom Biden's team sees as potential voters.

The debate is an opportunity for us to show Americans who Donald Trump isto show them what we see, who deal with politics every day and watch Donald Trump, and see that now he is even more unbalanced, dangerous, that what he is looking for is revenge – said “The New York Times” Rob Flaherty, Joe Biden's deputy chief of staff.

People responsible for Biden's campaign have already emphasized many times that they want to instill in voters the feeling that Trump wants to win only to escape from justice and take revenge on his opponents.

Donald Trump spent the days before the debate meeting with advisers to prepare points for the debate. The former president of the current one is to attack the current one primarily for high inflation – to show that Americans are getting poorer under Biden and for the chaos on the southern border – illegal immigrants pouring into the US from Mexico – which is supposed to be a signal to voters that America is not safe under Biden's government.

The former president claims that he and Biden should be tested for various substances before the debate because Biden will certainly be stuffed with supportive drugs by his camp to survive the debate. Tests are not planned.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, who always proudly emphasizes his close relationship with the former president, when asked about the debate said: – Joe Biden could drink liters of energy drinks and still not be as smart and prepared as Donald Trump. But Donald Trump no longer underestimates his opponent. Not long ago, he claimed that he would easily defeat Biden in the debate because the current host of the White House is a senile old man with progressive dementia who is unable to even string together a single sensible sentence, but now he calls Biden a politician experienced in debates who has proven in his political career that he can emerge unscathed from debates.

The stakes of the debate

With such a close race to the White House, and with voters so entrenched in their positions, winning over to your side even a small part of the undecided or those who have not yet paid attention to their choices will be a success.

Biden will not convince Americans in these 90 minutesthat he is younger than his birth certificate shows, but he has to show them that all these stories about a wandering old man who doesn't know what's going on around him are nonsense. To put it simply, he must present himself as a strong leader who knows how to lead America through difficult times, whose age, and the resulting vast experience, is not a disadvantage but an advantage.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, must present himself to voters as a decisive, but – when necessary – subdued politician, who does not make decisions based solely on impulse and resentment, and who is able to cooperate for the good of the country. As a candidate who, if he won, would not focus on destroying, but on building. Donald Trump, if he wants to take advantage of this debate, must present himself this way not because otherwise his loyal voters will turn away from him – they will not turn away because many of them treat him not as a politician, but as America's Messiah – but because that if he wants to win, he must convince voters of the middle, independent voters, those who do not feel attached to either Republicans or Democrats.

The teams of both candidates are aware that this debate may set the campaign for many weeks. The second and last debate between the two men is scheduled for early September.

For Interia Magda Sakowska, Polsat News, Washington

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