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USA. Joe Biden gave an interview. He assessed the debate with Donald Trump

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In a long-awaited 20-minute interview with the station's journalist George Stephanopoulos Joe Biden he repeatedly argued that his poor performance in the debate against Donald Trump was merely a “bad episode” caused by a “bad cold” and exhaustion.

There was no indication of a serious condition. I was exhausted. I didn't listen to my instincts when it came to preparation. It was a bad night. – said the president. He emphasized that he is still the best candidate who can defeat Trump.

“I’m convinced of two things: I’m the best qualified to beat him, and I know how to get things done,” he said. He also dismissed suggestions that he was putting his ego ahead of the country by staying in the race, saying that if he left now, pundits would say his presidency was pretty good and he wouldn’t run unless he was confident he could handle the challenges ahead.

US Elections: Will Joe Biden Drop Out of Presidential Race? “Then I Could Do It”

I'm running again because I think I know what needs to be done to take this country to a whole new level. – Joe Biden said. – Who could hold NATO together like me? Who will be in a position to hold the Pacific region, where at least we are now in check China? – asked the acting president rhetorically. He added that the upcoming NATO summit would be a good opportunity to pass judgment on his competences.

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When asked, will he withdraw from the presidential raceif he realizes he has no chance of winning the election, Biden responded after a moment of reflection, “Well, if God Almighty would come down and tell me, then I could do it.” When Stephanopoulos asked how he would feel if he lost and all his dire predictions about a second term for Donald Trump came true, Biden replied, “As long as I give it my all and do as good a job as I can — that’s what it’s all about.”

Biden has repeatedly argued that polls showing his record low approval ratings and Donald Trump's significant lead do not reflect reality, and that all the polling experts are telling him that the result is still practically a draw.

Biden he also downplayed the scale of concerns expressed by Democratic politicians about his health and chances of defeating Trump, saying the same thing happened in 2020. He also insisted that all the party leaders he spoke to wanted him to continue running. When asked what he would do if those leaders asked him to step down, he said he wouldn’t answer that question because it wouldn’t happen.

Joe Biden Responds to Health Concerns: 'Nobody Thought This Could Happen'

Referring to media reports that his condition and health have deteriorated rapidly in recent months, Biden has insisted he is healthy and can serve another four years. “I'm the guy who put NATO together. Nobody thought I could expand it. I'm the guy who stopped Putin. Nobody thought that could happen. I'm the guy who put the South Pacific Initiative together (sic),” he said.

President Biden has assured that his annual physical examination showed no serious health problems and that his medical team would have told him if something was wrong. ruled out undergoing additional independent health and neurological testsbecause – as he claims – he goes through such tests every day, making important decisions and performing his function.

The ABC interview – devoted entirely to the president's situation after the debate with Donald Trump – was supposed to be for Biden an important test and a way to show worried voters that he is capable of being president for another four years. The incumbent US president spoke more clearly than he did during the debate, although he had his usual slips of the tongue, minor mistakes (he spoke about the South Pacific instead of the Indo-Pacific, for example), hesitations and verbal stumbles.

ABC journalist Jonathan Karl commented after the interview that Although Biden performed better than he did during the debate, he failed to calm the concerns of Democratic politicianswith whom he spoke. Many of them were to treat the interview as evidence that the president is not aware of the seriousness of the situation and that he is losing to Trump.

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