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USA. Joe Biden: I believe we will have the means to support Ukraine as long as it takes, despite the criticism

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I believe we will have the means to support Ukraine as long as it takes, US President Joe Biden said on Thursday during a press conference with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Although there are criticisms in Congress about aid to Ukraine, even critics do not think that Vladimir Putin will stop in Ukraine if he wins.

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“I believe we will have the means to support Ukraine as long as it takes,” US President Joe Biden said, referring to doubts about the future passage of funds for this purpose by Congress. As he added, although he hears critical voices in the Capitol, he believes that it will be possible to provide money for Ukraine.

– I ask them what will happen if we do not support Ukraine. Do they think Putin will stop in Kiev? I don’t think so, and I think the vast majority, even the critics, don’t think so,” the president said during a press conference with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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Biden: I look at the “changing situation” with optimism

Referring to the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the American leader said that while he did not want to talk about Ukrainian military actions, both the US and allies did everything they could to prepare Ukraine and he looked at the “changing situation” with optimism.


Biden noted that America’s goal is to ensure Ukraine’s long-term security, both by delivering weapons to the battlefield and after the conflict is over.

Sunak: Putin thinks he will wait out for us

Prime Minister Sunak added that Americans have the right to ask questions, given the importance of the US compared to Europe. He expressed pride in the aid provided by London and hoped that the rest of Europe would strengthen its commitment to the level presented by Great Britain. At the same time, he admitted that US aid has an absolutely key role.

The head of the British government also added that in the long term, the goal of the West is to deter Russia from further attacks. “Vladimir Putin thinks he will wait out for us. That the Alliance will tire and surrender. It will not happen. The more help we provide to Ukraine, not only here and now, the stronger we will send him (Putin) a signal that there is no point in trying to wait it out, said the Prime Minister.

British Prime Minister Rishi SunakMICHAEL REYNOLDS/PAP/EPA

When asked if the time had come for a British NATO secretary general to replace Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg, Biden replied: “Maybe. “. In this way, he referred to speculations about the candidacy of British Defense Minister Ben Wallace.

Biden and Sunak signed the “Atlantic Declaration”

The second main topic of talks between the leaders of the two countries was economic cooperation, especially in the field of technology, critical minerals and artificial intelligence. Biden and Sunak signed the “Atlantic Declaration” on Thursday, which they say will be the first such agreement in history.

The document talks about cooperation between the two countries to ensure “economic security” in the areas of key technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and to protect them from regimes such as Russia and China.

Both leaders pointed to the potential and risks associated with the development of AI. “I don’t think there’s a technology in human history that can cause such a potentially fundamental technological change as artificial intelligence,” Biden said.


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