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USA. Joe Biden: Israel has submitted a proposal to end the conflict in the Gaza Strip. It assumes three phases

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Israel has submitted a proposal to end the conflict in the Gaza Strip, US President Joe Biden announced at the White House on Friday. He noted, however, that there are people in the Israeli government who are against ending the war.

Joe Biden announced on Friday that Israel submitted a three-phase proposal for a complete ceasefire, the withdrawal of troops from the populated areas of Gaza, and a complete end to the conflict.


Biden outlined the complex proposal during a White House appearance. In the first phase, it assumes a 6-week ceasefire, the withdrawal of troops from the populated areas of the Gaza Strip and the release of hostages and hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, as well as the admission of hundreds of trucks with humanitarian aid.

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During this time, both sides would enter into negotiations on moving to the second phase of the plan, i.e. the permanent end of the fighting and the complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip. The final part of the plan would be a “major reconstruction project” of Palestinian territory and the release of all remaining hostages.

As Biden noted, the offer was made by the Israeli government and transmitted through Qatar Hamas leaders and it is now up to them to decide on the next steps.

– Israelis should know that they can make this proposal without additional risk to their own security, because they have depleted Hamas forces over the last eight months. At this point, Hamas is no longer capable of carrying out another “(attack on) October 7,” the president said.

However, he noted – alluding to the far-right members of the ruling coalition – that in the Israeli government there are people opposed to the end of the war, in favor of permanent war and the occupation of the Gaza Strip, for whom the fate of the hostages is not a priority. However, he urged Israel's leaders to stick to this plan.

Israel and the PalestiniansPAP/Maciej Zieliński, Adam Ziemienowicz

Biden: it's time to end this war and start the “morning after”

Biden emphasized that “nothing is easy here” and the success of the initiative is not certain. – I need your help. All those who want peace must raise their voices. Let leaders know that they should accept this agreement and make it a reality. (…) It's time to end this war and start “the day after” – appealed the president.

He announced that USA will take part in the reconstruction of the devastated Gaza Strip and, together with Israeli, Palestinian and Arab leaders, will ensure that Hamas will not be able to rearm. He also noted that the agreement may result in normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia and integration into regional containment structures. Iran.

Biden's announcement of the proposal comes on the day when Israeli troops confirmed that they had entered downtown Rafah, Hamas' last stronghold. The US administration has repeatedly warned Israel against conducting a major military operation in the city on the border with Egyptwhere most of the civilians who had fled from the rest of the Gaza Strip had taken refuge.

The Prime Minister of Israel authorized negotiators to present proposals

The Israeli Prime Minister's office informed that the head of government Benjamin Netanyahu authorized negotiators to present an outline of a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. “The Israeli government is united in its desire to release our hostages as quickly as possible and is working to achieve this goal. Accordingly, the Prime Minister has authorized a team of negotiators to outline (measures) to achieve this goal,” the statement said.

It added that Netanyahu stressed that the war will not end until all its goals are achieved – including the release of the hostages and the destruction of Hamas's military and leadership capabilities. The outline of actions proposed by Israel, “including a conditional transition from one phase to the next, allows Israel to maintain these principles,” the prime minister's office said.

It is unclear whether the proposal referred to in this statement is the same plan announced by Joe Biden. Netanyahu's office did not directly refer to his speech in its statement. Nevertheless, the announcement was published in Israel immediately after the American president's speech.


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