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USA. Joe Biden on a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine: the economic consequences will be devastating

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US President Joe Biden stated that it was “never on the table” to send US troops to Ukraine to stop Russia’s aggression. If Moscow decides to invade again, the economic effects will be devastating for it, he added.

US President Joe Biden answered a journalist’s question why he ruled out the use of US troops in Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion. – It was never on the table. Are you ready to send American soldiers to the war in Ukraine to fight the Russians on the battlefield? Biden replied.


Biden on a possible invasion of Russia: The economic consequences for his economy will be devastating

The American leader explained that we Tuesday’s remote conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin he clearly explained to him the consequences of a possible renewed military aggression against Ukraine.

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– I told him that if he moved against Ukraine, the economic consequences for his economy would be devastating. Crushing. It’s one thing. Second, it will be necessary to send more American and NATO troops to the eastern flank, to the B9 countries. [Bukaresztańskiej Dziewiątki- red.]to whom we have a sacred commitment to defend them against any attack by Russia, said the US President.

He added that the Kremlin will also pay a “terrible” price when it comes to Russia’s reputation, and the US will send additional weapons to the Ukrainians.

Main photo source: The White House

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