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USA. Kaylin Gillis, 20, shot dead for driving up to the wrong house. Her boyfriend tells what really happened

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“My whole world was taken from me on Saturday,” Blake Walsh, 19, told NBC News. His girlfriend, Kaylin Gillis, was in a car that a group of friends had mistakenly pulled up to the wrong house. The 20-year-old was fatally shot by the owner of the property. The dead woman’s boyfriend told what exactly happened.

According to local authorities, Kaylin Gillis, 20, was shot dead by Kevin Monahan after he and Blake Welsh and two other friends mistakenly stopped a car in the driveway of the wrong property while looking for their friend’s house. The incident took place on Saturday in the town of Hebron, New York.

On the tragic day, the car was driven by Blake Walsh. – We thought we were at the right address, but neither of us had the range to make sure. As soon as we realized we were in the wrong place, we started to drive away,” the 19-year-old told NBC News. – Suddenly a friend said that someone was shooting at us. I tried to hit the gas as fast as I could. Then the fatal shot was fired.

Kaylin Gillis’ boyfriend on the details of Saturday’s tragedy

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According to Blake Walsh, property owner Kevin Monahan fired two shots at their vehicle. One of them hit Kaylin Gillis in the neck. The lack of mobile phone coverage prevented the group of friends from immediately calling the emergency services. They had to drive with the injured woman to the neighboring town of Salem to be able to call for help. Despite resuscitation by paramedics, the 20-year-old died. – I want to believe that (death – ed.) was instant. I hope so. I’m praying that’s the case,” Walsh said.

The house where Kaylin Gillis was shotReuters

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“I want the world to know what a good person she was, how much she affected people’s lives,” said the 19-year-old, describing Gillis. We had our hopes, our plans. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her,” he added. “My whole world was taken from me on Saturday.

Kevin Monahan pleads not guilty

Kevin Monahan, 65, the owner of the property, was arrested. He was charged with second-degree murder. Washington County Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy said the man refused to cooperate with police and refused to leave his home. He did not give officers any reason why he started shooting at the car.

Monahan has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. According to his lawyer, Kurt Mausert, when he fired the shot, the man was not trying to hurt anyone. “There were a number of unintentional mistakes made that day,” the lawyer said. The 65-year-old appeared in Washington County Court on Wednesday. His earlier application for bail was rejected at that time.

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Raising on behalf of the Kaylin Gillis family

On April 17, two GoFundMe users set up a fundraiser on behalf of the family of the tragically deceased Gillis online fundraiserthe purpose of which is, among other things, funeral expenses. The collected funds are also to contribute to the creation of a scholarship in her name in the future. “For anyone who was lucky enough to know her, (Kaylin – ed.) She was like a ray of light. She was an older sister, a beloved daughter, a devoted friend and partner for her loving boyfriend” – it was noted in the comment sent to the organizers of the collection by the family of the deceased.

Kaylin GillisGoFundMe

“Kaylin was a gifted artist, diligent student, Disney fanatic, animal lover. She couldn’t wait to go to Florida to pursue her dream of becoming a marine biologist. She was taken from us far too soon,” the statement continued. Within just three days of setting up the fundraiser, Internet users raised over $120,000.

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