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USA. Leak of secret documents. Jack Teixeira was charged

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21-year-old Massachusetts National Guard soldier Jack Teixeira appeared in court in Boston on Friday. He heard allegations of taking and holding classified materials. According to the FBI, Teixeira has had access to top secret documents since 2021.

According to court documents and media reports, CNN, Teixeira has been charged with two charges, extortion and holding classified documents. Each of these acts is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The 21-year-old has not made a formal declaration of guilt.

A federal court in Boston has decided that the man will remain in custody until Wednesday, when a hearing on possible further detention will take place.

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A crowd of people outside the court where Jack Douglas Teixeira appeared on FridayCJ GUNTHER/EPA/PAP

The alleged perpetrator of the leak from the Pentagon has been charged with taking classified documentsCJ GUNTHER/EPA/PAP

The alleged leaker has been arrested

According to a statement from the investigating FBI agent, Teixeira is a Massachusetts Air National Guard soldier assigned to work at Otis Air Force Base as an IT systems specialist. As of 2021, he had the security clearance needed for this job, entitling him to access information classified as “Top Secret” and SCI, i.e. sensitive information, available only in special rooms.

Police officers near where Jack Teixeira was arrestedCJ GUNTHER/PAP/EPA

The man was supposed to start sharing secret information contained in the documents with a group of online friends on the Discord portal around December 2021. Originally, he was supposed to rewrite the contents of the documents, later he would take them home.

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According to an FBI statement, authorities have confirmed the authenticity of at least one of the retrieved documents pertaining to “conflict status” Russia with Ukraine, including troop movements.” Systems data at the Otis database showed that Teixeira had access to the document the day before his photo appeared on Discord.

Main photo source: CJ GUNTHER/EPA/PAP

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