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USA. Lightning struck the plane on the runway, passengers were inside [NAGRANIE]

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An employee of an airport in the US state of Arkansas recorded the moment when lightning struck a passenger plane standing at the airport. The video was posted on social media. By the way, its author points out why ground service employees cannot stay on the apron “during difficult weather conditions”.

American Eagle Embraer E175 footage was shared on Instagram on Monday by Little Rock, Arkansas airport employee Jason Hamm. The short film shows the moment of lightning striking the tail of a passenger plane that landed during a thunderstorm. You can hear thunder and the reactions of people standing nearby.

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The author of the recording in the description noted that “this is why it is extremely important for passengers to understand why we, ground handling staff and other people working at the airport are not allowed to stay on the apron during difficult weather conditions (…) The plane waited for the lightning to stop and then taxied normally to the gate,” Hamm concluded his post. None of the passengers on board were injured.

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Lightning struck the plane. “A common phenomenon”

“While lightning strikes an aircraft may be surprising, it is a common occurrence and usually does not have dangerous consequences,” the weather service Weather & Radar noted on Monday, emphasizing that modern aircraft are equipped with technology aimed at “minimizing the potential damage caused by a strike.” lightning.”

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gulfstreamguy/Instagram, weatherandradar.com

Main photo source: gulfstreamguy/Instagram

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