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USA, Maryland. The man wanted to get rid of the snakes, he burned down his house

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A man from the US state of Maryland fought a snake invasion of his home. He came up with an idea which, however, turned out to be extremely unsuccessful in its consequences. As a result, the entire property burned down.

The plague of snakes was a problem for a homeowner in Dickerson, Maryland. At the end of November, the man decided to drive them out of his property with the help of smoke. In several places in the basement, he left glowing coal in metal containers. However, the flames turned out to be too large and the containers were too close to the flammable materials. The fire began to spread first to the basement and then quickly spread to the entire house.

When the fire broke out, no one was inside the house. As described by the spokesman of the local fire brigade, Peter Pringer, around 10 p.m. the emergency number was called by a neighbor who noticed rising smoke.

75 firefighters fought the flames. The fire was brought under control a few hours later, and it was not completely extinguished until the next morning.

Losses per million dollars

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The losses were estimated at over a million dollars. According to CNN, a man recently bought a two-story house with an area of ​​over 900 square meters for 1.8 million dollars. No person was hurt as a result of the fire. It is not known what is the fate of snakes.

Experts recommend using safer methods of fighting various types of pests on your property. It is best to refer these types of problems to specialists.

Main photo source: Peter Pringer / Twitter

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