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USA. Massive heat wave. Temperatures will exceed 50 degrees Celsius

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About 130 million people in United States received heatwave warnings on Saturday. Almost 57 million people have been receiving such warnings for several weeks. At least one child has died, the BBC reported. in Arizona due to the heat.

USA. Heatwave continues. May cause heat stress

According to meteorologists, warm nights will cause people to suffer from heat stress. This is a reaction of the body caused by overheating and loss of water. A person can feel such discomfort even at a temperature above approx. 23°C in high humidity conditions and approx. 27°C in low humidity.

Meteorologists warn that in Death Valley, Californiaon Monday the temperatures may reach up to 53 degrees CelsiusWhile it is difficult to link individual heatwaves to climate change, scientists say they are becoming more frequent and intense because of it.

USA: State authorities respond to heatwaves in the country

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Some cities provide residents with air-conditioned public facilities, in an attempt to protect residents from the effects of dangerously high temperatures.

Authorities New York They promote the city campaign “Beat the heat”aimed at providing residents with resources to stay safe in the face of extreme heat that Mayor Eric Adams said is the “deadliest weather” the city has experienced in years.

“The heat is the deadliest weather we have in New York,” Adams said. Last year, 350 New Yorkers died from heat-related illnesses, according to local officials.

USA Today quotes the mayor Washington Muriel Bowser, who warned that “extreme heat can affect mental health residents, causing increased irritability, aggression, depression, propensity to use drugs and alcohol, and even suicide.” Some psychiatric medications can also increase the risk of heatstroke.

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