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USA. Maxwell Frost got into Congress. In Washington, he couldn’t rent an apartment

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25-year-old congressman-elect from Florida Maxwell Alejandro Frost shared his financial problems on social media. The young politician and activist, who will be the first representative of Generation Z in Congress, admitted that he could not afford to rent an apartment in Washington and was still paying debts after the election campaign.

25-year-old gun control activist Maxwell Alejandro Frost got to the House of Representatives as a representative of Florida, becoming the first representative of Generation Z in Congress. Due to his electoral success, the young politician had to move to Washington. Finding an apartment in the capital turned out to be quite a challenge.

“Just applied for an apartment in Washington where I told the guy my credit was really bad. He said I’d be fine. I was turned down, lost my apartment and application fee,” he tweeted on December 8.

The congressman-elect explained that his poor financial situation was due to the loans he had to take out to pay for a year-and-a-half long congressional election campaign. He added that the Uber driver’s salary was not enough to cover his daily living expenses.

Full-time candidate

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Frost said he quit his full-time job to devote himself fully to the election race. “I knew that to win at 25, I had to be a full-time candidate. 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day. It wasn’t healthy or right, but I had to do it,” he stated.

In a commentary to The Washington Post, Frost declined to disclose the amount of his debt or creditworthiness, nor did he disclose the address of the apartment block where he wanted to live. He only said the building was in the Navy Yard, about a mile from the Capitol.

Maxwell Alejandro Frost@MaxwellFrostFL

CNN points out that Frost is not the only member of Congress who has had trouble finding accommodation in the capital. The young politician on Twitter cited the example of New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who in 2018, at the age of 29, became the youngest woman elected to Congress USA. He also noted that she, too, had difficulty finding affordable housing in Washington on her salary at the time.

The need for change

Members of the House of Representatives and Senate earn $174,000 a year. CNN points out that salaries are only paid after MPs are sworn in on January 3.

Frost said once he started receiving a congressman’s salary, his financial situation would improve. However, he stressed that it is necessary to act for the benefit of others and to make housing more affordable also for less wealthy citizens.

“I realize that I am speaking from a privileged position because with my new salary starting in the new year, my credit standing will be good in two years,” he added.

Representative of Generation Z in Congress

Frost is the former leader of the student organization March for Our Lives, founded in response to the massacre at Parkland High School in Florida.

The 25-year-old Democrat will become one of the youngest congressmen in history and, according to the media, the first representative of Generation Z, i.e. people born after 1997.

Main photo source: @MaxwellFrostFL

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