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USA. Michigan. The deer jumped into the house through the window and hid in the bedroom

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A deer jumped into the home of a family of five in Michigan. The animal broke a window and scared the household quite a bit. When the police arrived on the scene, they found the animal hiding in the bedroom.

On Monday afternoon, a family of five heard someone break one of the windows and break into the house. It turned out to be a deer. The frightened animal ran around the house. Without hesitation, the family summoned emergency services.

The incident took place in Monitor Township, Michigan, USA.

Deer in the bedroom

When Bay County Sheriff’s Office Police Officer Austin Jobbs arrived on the scene, he discovered the deer had taken cover in one of the bedrooms. Moments later, more representatives from the sheriff’s office arrived on the scene. They helped lure the deer out of the bedroom while blocking other rooms.

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The sheriff’s office said the animal left the house through the front door.

The deer jumped into the bedroomBay County, Michigan Sheriff’s Office

The deer jumped into the houseBay County, Michigan Sheriff’s Office

Main photo source: Bay County, Michigan Sheriff’s Office

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