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USA, Middle East. CBS: Washington has approved plans to attack Iranian facilities in Iraq and Syria

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American plans for attacks on Iranian facilities in Iraq and Syria have been approved by Washington, confirmed anonymously American officials quoted by CBS News on Thursday. This is intended to be a response to drone and missile attacks targeting US forces in the region.

CBS News on Thursday quoted anonymous U.S. officials who confirmed that plans for U.S. attacks on Iranian facilities in Iraq and Syria have been approved. These plans are a response to drone and missile attacks targeting U.S. forces in the region, including Sunday’s drone attackin which three American service members were killed at the Tower 22 base Jordannear the border with Syria.

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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced during Thursday’s press conference that the US response to this attack will be “multi-level” and its goal will be to both “hold the perpetrators accountable” and limit their ability to carry out further attacks.

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American soldiers US Army photo by Spc. Jensen Guillory

Officials quoted by CBS News emphasize that the main factor influencing the timing of attacks will be weather. As they explained, United States they are able to carry out attacks also in bad weather, but they prefer to have better visibility to reduce the risk of accidental casualties among the civilian population.

Since supported by Iran The Kataib Hezbollah militia announced on Wednesday that it was suspending military operations against American forces, and there were no new attacks on American troops in the region. However, no statement by representatives of the US administration indicated that the declaration of suspension of military operations would delay US retaliatory attacks – writes CBS News.

Earlier, a number of Iranian-backed groups in the Middle East stepped up attacks on U.S.-linked entities and Israel in connection with the war between Israel and Hamas that has been ongoing since October. Since then, Iran-backed militias in Syria and Iraq have carried out more than 160 drone and missile strikes, but until Sunday they had not caused any serious injuries or casualties.

Lloyd Austin said it was still unknown how closely Iran was involved in these attacks, but added that it did not matter because without Iran’s support they could not have happened at all. The country has consistently denied its involvement in attacks on US forces.

Houthi attacks, US retaliation

Iran-backed Yemenis Houthi rebels since November they have repeatedly attacked ships in the surrounding waters Yemen, mainly in the Red Sea, claiming that in this way they support the activities of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas and its fight against Israel in the Gaza Strip. However, it often turned out that they fired at units that had no connections with Israel.

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In response to attacks that threaten maritime transport, US troops have been conducting airstrikes on Houthi targets in Yemen since January 12.

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