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Thursday, December 2, 2021

USA, Minnesota. American bald eagles, tangled, fell onto a street in Plymouth

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Two tangled bald eagles fell on one of the streets in the US state of Minnesota. They freed themselves after a few minutes. It is not clear why they were joined, specialists explain this with struggles for territory or amorous courtship.

A pair of tangled American bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) fell on a street in the city of Plymouth, Minnesota. As local media wrote, for several minutes entangled birds fought on the ground, making loud noises or lay still with their wings spread.

The police were called to the scene. As stated on her Twitter profile, “with a little help” the birds disentangled and flew away.

Territory battles or courtship ritual

Victoria Hall, of the Raptor Center wild bird rehabilitation center in Minnesota, explained that white-tailed eagles tangled with each other during territory battles. First in spring, when they pair up and make nests. The fighting then takes place during the fall, when some of the birds try to regain their nests for the winter. Each year, six white-tailed eagles are brought into the Raptor Center with battle wounds, Hall added.

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However, it also happens that white-tailed eagles get tangled during the courtship ritual, when they entwine their claws together, then begin to fly towards the ground and separate just before reaching land. As Crystal Slusher of the American Eagle Foundation explained, in this case it might have failed, so the joined birds fell to the ground.

American bald eagle

The American bald eagle is a species of predatory bird from the hawk family (Accipitridae), found in North America. As a national symbol of the United States, it is the most recognizable North American bird. The range is Canada and Alaska, 48 continental US states and Mexico. It is found near open water near large bodies of water (for example, lakes) or by the ocean. He builds nests on old trees.

It is a large bird with a body length of 71 to 96 centimeters, a wingspan of 168 to 244 cm, and a weight of 3 to 6.3 kilograms.

Main photo source: Plymouth Police, MN / Twitter

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