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USA. Missing woman found alive in car sunken in Lake o’ the Pines, Texas

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A man fishing on the shore of Lake o’ the Pines, Texas, noticed a section of the car’s roof sticking out of the water. A woman was found alive inside, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said. She had been reported missing a few hours earlier. So far, police have not determined how long the car was in the water.

The incident happened on April 7. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher received a call from a fisherman who reported seeing a black Jeep submerged about 40 feet (12 meters) from the Woody’s Camp boat slip from the shore of Lake o’ the Pines, a body of water in southwestern Marion County. the sheriff’s office said in a statement released on the same day.

Officers and a local wreck recovery company arrived at the scene. As they prepared to pull the vehicle out of the water, they discovered that there was a person inside that was moving. With the help of officers, company employees and a fisherman, the woman was pulled out of the jeep, then transported to a local hospital.

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The woman had been reported missing a few hours earlier

According to the services, the woman rescued from the vehicle was on the list of missing persons and was searched by the police in Longview, Texas. The missing woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, was reported a few hours before the rescue operation on the lake, the NPR portal reported on April 11, citing the police. Marion County Sheriff’s Investigator Captain Chuck Rogers told NPR that so far it has not been determined how long the jeep was in the water. “This is just one of the unanswered questions in this extraordinary case,” the American broadcaster noted.

Authorities said they could not provide more details about the woman or the circumstances that may have led to the jeep sinking in Lake o’ the Pines. As Roberts noted, “nothing was discovered during the investigation to suggest that this case was anything more than an accident.”

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Marion County Sheriff’s Office, NPR

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