USA. More than 50 years ago, a plane disappeared shortly after take-off. Experts say they have just found the wreck


53 years after the disappearance of a plane with five people on board in Vermont, experts say they have found the wreckage of the plane – writes NBC News.

The plane disappeared from radar shortly after departing Burlington Airport for Providence, Rhode Island, on January 27, 1971. There were two crew members and three passengers on board.

The initial search was hampered by the fact that the lake froze over within four days of the incident. Over the course of several decades, at least 17 more search operations were carried out, all of them unsuccessful.

It was only in 2024 that Garry Kozak and his search team found the wreck of a plane with a characteristic white and red painting near the place where the machine disappeared from radar. .

It disappeared just after takeoff. It was found over 50 years laterReuters

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– Thanks to all the evidence collected, we are 99 percent sure that it is this plane – Kozak said on Monday. He added that the discovery of the wreck gives the victims' families “some comfort and answers to many of their questions.”

Although the relatives of the victims are grateful and relieved that the plane has probably been found, the discovery also raises a number of questions and opens old wounds, notes the website of the American television station NBC News.

It disappeared just after takeoff. It was found over 50 years laterReuters

“Finding this wreck now gives us a sense of peace and at the same time brings us sadness,” admitted Barbara Nikitas, the niece of plane pilot George Nikita, in an interview with the Associated Press.

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One of the passengers on the plane was Frank Wilder. According to his son, “53 years of living with the uncertainty of whether the plane was in the lake or somewhere on the mountainside was depressing.” “I'm relieved again that I know where the plane is now, but unfortunately it raises further questions and we need to work on them now,” he added.

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