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USA, New Hampshire. Donald Trump asked a man to leave at a rally

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Former US President Donald Trump asked for the removal of a man who disrupted his speech at a rally in New Hampshire, where the primary elections will be held on Tuesday. The man began screaming as Trump spoke about the threat of World War III. “Get out of here,” the former president said to the rally disruptor.

On Saturday (January 20), the former president USA Donald Trump called on the police to remove a man who interrupted his speech at a rally. The incident took place in New Hampshire, where the primary elections will be held on Tuesday.

The leading candidate of the Republican Party criticized the current president Joe Biden. – This is the greatest threat we have to democracy. We will end up in World War III with this guy (US President Joe Biden) if he is in power. “It’s interesting – until I was impeached, I never talked about him that way,” Trump said.

Confusion at Donald Trump’s rallyReuters

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Then one of the men gathered in the room started screaming. “Get out of here,” Trump told him. “Go ahead, you can throw him out,” he told the police.

There were whistles and boos in the room full of the former president’s supporters.

Donald Trump asked a rally participant to leaveReuters

After officers removed the disruptive man, Trump said, “now we know politics is getting serious.” – Now we’re really into the political season and it’s happening. (…) By the way, many of these guys are paid by (George – ed.) Soros, these people are trouble – he said, recalling the theory popular on the right, according to which this billionaire of Jewish origin is financing leftist movements in world.

Donald Trump is the winner of the primaries

Former US President Donald Trump clearly outperformed his rivals and won the first Republican presidential primaries in Iowa on Monday (January 15). Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took second place, and former US ambassador to… UN Nikki Haley.

The primary election in rural Iowa is traditionally the first in a series of votes that will determine the party’s candidate in November elections. The next one will take place on January 23 in New Hampshire. Even though they decide on the designation of only 40 out of over 2.5 thousand delegates to the Republican Party convention, which will formally choose a candidate in July in Milwaukee, they are of key importance. This is where the candidates’ campaign efforts have been focused for months, and the result in Iowa may determine the further success or failure of the campaign.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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