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USA, New York: Series of shark attacks on Long Island beaches

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On Wednesday afternoon, a 49-year-old from Arizona bathing on a beach on New York’s Long Island was bitten by a shark, US media reported. The man was hospitalized with injuries that did not threaten his life. This is the fifth person attacked by a shark in the area in two weeks.

The shark attack occurred on Seaview Beach, a popular beach near New York City. On Wednesday afternoon, police say, a 49-year-old man “standing in waist-deep water” was attacked by a shark. The predator bit his left wrist and buttock. The injured person got out of the water by himself and was transported by helicopter to the hospital. The injuries were not life threatening, the police said.

On the morning of the same day, on the nearby Smith Point Beach, a shark attacked a 41-year-old surfer. The man thrown off the board and bitten in the leg saved himself by hitting the predator several times, and after a while he returned happily with the wave to the shore. As reported by the services, also in this case the wounds did not threaten the life of the injured person. The man himself claims that he has been surfing there since childhood and has never seen a shark.

The injuries suffered by Zachari Gallo, a lifeguard from one of the nearby beaches, were relatively minor. He was bitten in early July during a training session where he played the role of a person drowning in the ocean.

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Two weeks, five attacks

A total of five people have been attacked by a shark in the last two weeks in the Long Island area, which also includes two of the five boroughs of New York City (Brooklyn and Queens). After the attacks, local authorities closed down the beaches where they occurred, but only for a few days. However, sunbathers are asked to exercise extreme caution and bathe only in designated areas.

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Experts believe attacks will become more frequent. “There are definitely more sharks than 10 or 15 years ago. We observe sharks, whales and dolphins at the shore, which are species that were not here before,” explained Christopher Paparo from the Stony Brook University Marine Science Center, quoted by NBC New York.

Shark attacks in Egypt

Shark attacks are growing not only in the United States, but around the world. In early July in Hurghada, Egypt Two foreign tourists were attacked. None of the women survived. In 2020, in the same resort, after a shark attack, a Ukrainian boy lost his arm and an Egyptian tourist guide lost his leg.

Hurghada is a popular holiday resortShutterstock

The giant shark recently appeared in the Bristol Channel in the southwest Wales. It is the second largest fish found in the Atlantic Ocean. Meeting with the animal on the recording was immortalized by a local sailor.

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