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USA, North Dakota. The squirrel made a pantry out of the car. “There were nuts everywhere”

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A squirrel from North Dakota, USA, while collecting winter supplies, hid over 150 kilograms of nuts inside a parked car. Such an unexpected discovery was made by a resident of Fargo town.

A resident of Fargo, a city in eastern North Dakota, in the United States, found out just how hardworking a local squirrel can be. The animal hid walnuts, which weighed almost 160 kilograms, in his car.

“I have a large car with lots of space, next to the radiator and other parts of the engine compartment.” There were nuts everywhere, ‘said Bill Fisher. “The squirrel hid the nuts under the hood and in the fenders,” the Fargo resident added. He emphasized that each of the nuts was the size of a lemon. “She was planning to camp here for the winter,” Fischer said.

North Dakota. A car full of walnuts

Bill pulled almost 160 kilograms of nuts from the car, they were practically in every slot of the car.

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– I had to remove the fender to get the nuts, but I couldn’t remove them all. Sometimes when I turn while driving, another one rolls through the inside of the car. I hear it because I am not able to remove all of them – said Fischer.

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