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USA. “NYT”: Iran has shown the world that its authorities are infiltrated by Western intelligence services

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Iran has shown the world that its authorities are infiltrated by Western intelligence, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote on Monday, pointing to the US's accurate prediction of the Iranian attack. Friedman called for increased isolation of the Iranian regime rather than a military response.

As New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman assessed, despite Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's claims that he “taught a lesson to the Zionist enemy”, in practice he only showed his weakness.

“Iran has just unwittingly revealed to the world that the government in Tehran is so penetrated by Western spy agencies that President Joe Biden was able to predict almost the exact time of the attack one day in advance, showing the whole world that Israel and its Western allies have a much better capabilities than Iran,” the journalist said.

The sky over the Israeli city of Ashkelon during the Iranian attack Amir Cohen / Reuters / Forum

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Friedman also believes that the Iranian regime is afraid of an Israeli counterattack because its defense capabilities are not as effective as Israel's, and opposition to the government is growing inside Iran.

He recalls the crowd's reactions during one of the football matches in Tehran. Fans responded with boos to an attempt to hold a minute of silence for the seven Iranian officers killed by Israel in Damascus.

Friedman: the “global initiative” solution

At the same time, the author warns against considering Iran a paper tiger, noting that it has many more and more powerful missiles at its disposal. He also believes that although the attack cannot remain unanswered, a military response would be a mistake.

According to Friedman, the solution is “a global initiative to impose sanctions on Iran and further isolate it on the world stage.”

He added that without such an initiative, “Iranian behavior would be tacitly normalized,” which would provoke an Israeli tit-for-tat response, and then “we would be on the path to a major Middle East war and $250-a-barrel oil.”

Main photo source: Amir Cohen / Reuters / Forum

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