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USA. Ohio. The policemen pulled a man with paralysis of his lower limbs out of the car by the hair. Investigation

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Police officers in Dayton, Ohio pulled a black man from his car by the hair and shoulders. The driver has a paraplegic – double limb paralysis. Sam couldn’t leave the car. Officers wanted to search the vehicle for drugs. The police launched an internal investigation to explain the intervention.

Local media revealed on Monday that the brutal intervention, recorded by cameras on police uniforms, took place on September 30 in Dayton.


A man being pulled out of the car by his hair. “I am a paraplegic!”

The 12-minute video shows that officers stopped the car of a man later identified as 39-year-old Clifford Owensby and told him to get out. They have to search the vehicle for drugs, they said.

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Owensby declined. He explained that he was paralyzed from the waist down. The policemen, however, persisted. One of them said he would help him get out of the car. The driver, however, refused to say that he could not help him. The exchange continued for several more minutes, during which the man asked why he should get out of the car. He doubted that the policemen had a reason for it. He ordered the policemen to call their superior. One of the officers replied that he would call him, but after the man left the car. He also noted that Owensby had “two options”: he would either let him get out of the car or be pulled out of it by force. However, the driver dialed a phone number and called someone he told him to come with friends, to “call people with cameras” and record what was happening.

The policemen apparently lost their patience and finally started to get him out of the car. They grabbed his arms and hair. The 39-year-old screamed in pain and repeated that they could hurt him by pulling him out. The camera on the policeman’s uniform recorded the man’s screams: “I am a paraplegic!”, He repeated several times. Then, on the sidewalk, held down by officers, he called for help.

The policemen brutally pulled the paralyzed man out of the carReuters

Drugs were not found. A “very disturbing” incident

The police, the media revealed, explained that they stopped Owensby’s car because it drove away from outside a house where drug trafficking is suspected to be taking place.

The drugs, however, were not found in the car. The man was also not charged. He had $ 22,450 cash on him.

The incident, another of its kind in the US police, was condemned by African American civil rights groups. They announced their own investigation. Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley described the incident as “very disturbing”.

The policemen brutally pulled the paralyzed man out of the carReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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