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USA. Oregon. He fell from a 90-meter cliff and survived. See the rescue operation

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A German Shepherd fell off a 90-meter cliff in Ecola State Park in the US state of Oregon. The dog survived, but was injured, so the intervention of the US Coast Guard was necessary.

A German Shepherd named Dory miraculously survived a fall from a 90-meter cliff. The dog was injured, he was unable to get out of the inaccessible part of Cannon Beac beach on his own. The fastest way – due to the topography of the Ecola State Park in Oregon – was to reach the dog first by air and then by swimming.

Rescue operation

The incident happened on Wednesday, June 14 around 7 p.m. local time. In the video of the rescue operation, one of the US Coast Guard rescuers is shown first descending from the helicopter on a rope, and then swimming to retrieve the dog. The man then places the sheepdog in the rescue basket and returns with him to the helicopter. The Coast Guard did not say what kind of injuries the dog sustained or how severe they were.

The dog was picked up by the rescuers waiting in the nearby parking lot.

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