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USA, Orlando. The 11-year-old was tortured and starved. A note from the waitress saved him: do you need help?

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An American man from Orlando was found guilty of repeatedly abusing his 11-year-old stepson. The case came to light when the waitress noticed the family’s suspicious behavior and traces of violence on the child’s body. With the help of questions on a piece of paper, she determined that the boy needed help and called the police, who arrested the 36-year-old stepfather.

An eleven-year-old boy showed up with his family at a restaurant in Orlando, owned by the Mrs. Potato. His behavior caught the attention of one of the waitresses, Flaviane Carvalho. The woman noticed that the boy was sitting far away from his parents and sister, he was not given anything to eat or drink. In addition, there were bruises and scratches on his body.

Rescue on a sheet of paper

Carvalho decided to discreetly investigate the situation. She approached the boy so that his parents would not see her and showed him a piece of paper with the question: “Are you okay?” When the child shook her head, she asked him a second question in writing. “You need help?” her message was. The eleven-year-old nodded.

The police showed a picture of the message of Flaviane CarvalhoOrlando Police Department

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Then the waitress informed her supervisor about the case and, having obtained his consent, called the police. Officers quickly arrived at the premises and questioned the boy. His testimony disturbed them enough that they immediately arrested the child’s stepfather, 36-year-old Timothy Lee Wilson. The boy’s mother, five years younger than his partner Kristen Swann, was detained a few days later.

According to CNN, the 11-year-old was taken to hospital after police intervention. In the course of research, it turned out that he was twenty kilos underweight. In addition, bruises and tumors were found all over his body.

Tortured and starved

In the course of the investigation it was established that the boy had been tortured many times. As a punishment, the child was hung on the door by the neck and upside down by the feet. Once he was handcuffed to a pram. He was regularly denied food and drink, and his stepfather forced him to do “military-style exercises,” the state attorney’s office said.

– What this child has been through is shocking. Without the intervention of Mrs. Carvalho, this little boy would not have lived long, said Erin Lawler of the Orlando Police Department, quoted by CNN.

In turn, Carvalho herself told the station that “God treated her as a tool with which he saved the boy”.

Stepfather convicted

Wilson was found guilty of the wrongful imprisonment of a child under the age of 13, of gun abuse, and qualified child abuse and neglect. The sentence is to be heard on August 19. Swan was charged with child abuse, child neglect and failure to report domestic violence to the police. The proceedings against her are still pending.

An eleven-year-old half-sister, Swan and Wilson’s four-year-old biological daughter, was taken away from home. There were no indications that she too was a victim of violence.

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Main photo source: Orlando Police Department

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