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USA. Over half a million customers in California without power. Another atmospheric river is coming

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Torrential rain and hurricane-force winds left hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in California without power on Sunday. The violent aura is related to the atmospheric river and the cyclone bomb that hit the USA in recent days.

More than 550,000 homes and businesses in California are without power, according to data released Sunday by PowerOutage.com, which monitors electricity in the US and Canada.

At least six people, including a child, died as a result of the violent weather. A two-year-old was killed by a tree (a sequoia) that fell on a mobile home. Fairfield Police also said a 19-year-old woman was killed when her car skidded on a wet road and struck a pole.

The US National Weather Service (NWS) has warned that another “atmospheric river” will bring rain and snow to California on Monday.

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Downpours in California. “The rain was falling very loudly”

Heavy rainfall with strong winds hit California on Wednesday. One of the cities particularly affected by the powerful storms is Santa Cruz. High waves destroyed buildings close to the shore. According to the residents, the element was so strong that it detached one of the houses from the foundations, moving it several meters and blocking the road in the housing estate. At least one bridge and one pier were severely damaged.

In Mendocino County, waves broke through the door of a historic lighthouse. The ground floor where the museum is located has been flooded, the Mendocino Voice newspaper reported.

We heard strong gusts of wind. The rain was falling terribly loud. I could hear things falling over on the porch all the time. The street has basically turned into a river because there is a steep hill here. All the water was draining off,” said Santa Cruz resident Sean Berry.

Downpours in California Reuters

High waves in Santa CruzReuters

Damage on the coast of Santa CruzReuters/Instagram @TerryWayPhoto

In San Francisco, a severe storm caused local flooding, landslides and subsidence. The local branch of the NWS said on Thursday that in the city center December 26 to January 4 was the wettest 10-day period since 1871. Rainfall of 262 liters of water per square meter was recorded.

Atmospheric river and cyclone bomb

Such extreme weather in California is the result of the overlapping of two phenomena – an atmospheric river and a cyclone bomb. An atmospheric river is an extensive, short-lived wind tunnel that transports huge amounts of water vapor from ocean waters. Reaching land, it drops rapidly in the form of heavy rain or heavy snowfall. A bomb cyclone, on the other hand, is defined as an extensive system of low pressure, characterized by very strong winds and bringing heavy rainfall.

It was the third, and also the strongest, occurrence of an atmospheric river in California since the beginning of last week. According to research, climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of these types of events, bringing downpours and strong winds, interspersed with long periods of severe drought, Reuters reported.

Cleanup is underway in California after heavy rains and stormsReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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