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USA, Pennsylvania. He is “desperate, dangerous and probably exhausted.” Danelo Cavalcante escaped from prison, a manhunt is underway

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In Pennsylvania, a manhunt is underway for a murderer sentenced to life in prison who escaped from prison on August 31. Police said 34-year-old Danelo Cavalcante was seen twice on Monday night. Schools were canceled in two school districts in the search area.

Last month, Cavalcante was sentenced to life in prison for killing his ex-girlfriend. The US Marshals Service (a government agency responsible for, among other things, searching for prison escapees) offers a reward of $10,000 for information leading to his capture.

Police had previously focused their efforts on a heavily wooded area within a 2-mile radius of the Chester County Jail in West Chester. By Tuesday, the search area had been expanded after that – on Monday evening, Cavalcante was recorded twice by surveillance in nearby Longwood Gardens.

CCTV footage shows Cavalcante walking through the bushes with a bag slung over his shoulder. Some of the videos also show him wearing a dark hoodie.

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Danelo Cavalcante twitter.com/PAStatePolice

Robert Clark, supervisor of the U.S. Marshals Service task force in eastern Pennsylvania, told CBS that Cavalante was “desperate, dangerous and probably exhausted.”

It probably moves at night and hides in an area covered with dense vegetation during the day. There are also many possible hiding places in the area, such as sheds, making the search difficult for the services.

The services play a recording with a message from his mother

Officials are using thermal imaging technology, as well as drones and dogs to search for Cavalcante. A federal arrest warrant was also obtained in case he attempted to flee to the states of Delaware or Maryland. Two school districts in the search area canceled classes Tuesday.

On Monday, authorities began using helicopters and patrol cars to broadcast a message recorded by a resident of… Brazil Cavalcante’s mother, who calls on him to surrender.

Danelo Cavalcante twitter.com/PAStatePolice

“Even though he’s desperate, maybe he’s changed his mind and he hears his mother telling him to give up and that his family cares about him,” Clark said Monday.

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Cavalcante was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of murdering ex-girlfriend Deborah Brandao in April 2021 in front of her two young children. He was arrested just hours after the murder, after fleeing to Virginia.

The Chester County District Attorney’s Office believes that Brandao “threatened to turn him in to the police” after learning that an arrest warrant had been issued for Cavalcante in connection with a murder he allegedly committed in Brazil in 2017. Investigators are still investigating how Cavalcante escaped from prison and whether he had help from others.

Main photo source: twitter.com/PAStatePolice

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