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USA. Pentagon: The Russians are not moving forward

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The United States does not expect Russia to make significant territorial gains in Ukraine anytime soon, said Colin Kahl, a senior Pentagon official in the House of Representatives.

“I don’t think the Russians can invade and make any significant territorial gains at any time in the next year,” Colin Kahl, undersecretary of policy, told members of the House of Representatives.

Kahl answered questions during a hearing on oversight of the nearly $32 billion in military aid that the presidential administration Joe Biden she gave Ukraine from the invasion Russia a year ago, including drones, long-range artillery systems and air defense capabilities.

Mobilized Russian soldiers ARKADY BUDNITSKY/PAP/EPA

Republicans ask for support for Ukraine

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Some Republicans, whose party took control of the House of Representatives in January, expressed skepticism about the purposefulness and use of the funds transferred to the government of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Some party members closely associated with the former president Donald Trump they called for an end to aid, although party leaders in Congress favor continued support for Kiev.

Republican-led House committees held two aid hearings on Tuesday, during which officials Pentagon described the audits of the donated military equipment.

“Our assessment is that if some of these systems were diverted, it was by the Russians who seized them on the battlefield, which always happens, but there is no evidence that the Ukrainians are diverting them to the black market,” Kahl said.


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