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USA. Pentagon: The United States will analyze its actions in Afghanistan

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The Pentagon will look at the mistakes made during the 20 years of the war in Afghanistan and learn from them “every possible lesson,” announced General Lloyd Austin. The head of the Pentagon and America’s highest-ranking military general Mark Milley admitted that, looking at the last two decades, “everyone feels the pain and anger” about this mission.

– We have just completed the largest civilian aerial evacuation in American history. It was heroic, it was historic and I hope that all Americans will unite to thank our soldiers for their courage and dedication, said Pentagon chief General Lloyd Austin during a press conference summarizing the completed mission and 20 years of war in Afghanistan.


He added that a mission to evacuate over 124,000 civilians took place at the cost of the lives of 13 American soldierswho – as he pointed out – were mostly too young to remember the attacks of September 11, 2001 – gave their future for the future of people they did not know – added General Milley, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff College.

Pentagon chief General Lloyd Austin JIM LO SCALZO / PAP / EPA

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Pentagon: The US will analyze its actions in Afghanistan

Referring to the US military cooperation with the Taliban during the evacuation, the general assessed that it was “narrow” and concerned only the evacuation. “In war, you do what you have to do, not what you want,” he said. At the same time, he did not rule out future cooperation with the Taliban in the fight against the jihadist organization Islamic State.

Milley admitted that, like many other Afghan war veterans, he felt “pain and anger” when he looked at 20 years of war, costing the lives of the more than 200 soldiers he commanded. – But I’m a professional soldier. I will contain my pain and anger and continue on my mission, he said. He added that the US will analyze its actions in Afghanistan “with humility, transparency and honesty” and “learn lessons from it for the future”.

The highest-ranking American military general Mark Milley JIM LO SCALZO / PAP / EPA

The head of the Pentagon announced that mission in Afghanistan completed it does not mean the end of the fight against terrorist groups. He made a reservation, however, that the US would gather, inter alia, on “calls” related to China, deepening relations with the countries of the Indo-Pacific region and strengthening alliances.

Main photo source: JIM LO SCALZO / PAP / EPA

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