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USA. Photos of the wreckage of a downed Chinese spy balloon. Published by the U.S. Navy

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The US Navy has released photos of a suspected Chinese observation balloon that was shot down on Saturday. China has repeatedly stressed that the balloon “is intended for civilian use and entered the US due to force majeure.”

The command of the US fleet published on social media, on Facebook, several photos showing the remains of the balloon being pulled onto the boat. The entry indicated that the sailors excavating the remains on Sunday were part of a special navy team.

The remains of a Chinese spy balloonUS NAVY/DVIDS/PAP/EPA

The device will now be examined to see if it was indeed spyware. US officials described the balloon as being about 60 meters tall, with a cargo area comparable in size to regional airliners.

The Navy releases photos of the remains of a Chinese spy balloonUS NAVY/DVIDS/PAP/EPA

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China repeatedly emphasized that the balloon “is intended for civil use and flew into USA due to force majeure.”

Diplomatic crisis between Beijing and Washington

As the spokesman for the department, Gen. Pat Ryder, wrote in a statement, the US asked China for a talk between the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin and National Defense Minister Wei Fenghe “immediately after the shooting down of the balloon of the People’s Republic of China” on February 4. “We believe in the importance of keeping open lines of communication between the United States and the People’s Republic of China to manage this relationship responsibly. The lines between our military are especially important at times like these. Unfortunately, the People’s Republic of China has refused our request,” the spokesman said. He added that the US still has intentions of maintaining contact with Beijing.

The discovery of the balloon caused a diplomatic crisis – US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in connection with this “irresponsible act”, as the balloon flight over the territory of the United States was called, he canceled a weekend visit to China, the first one met at such a high level in years.

Main photo source: US NAVY/DVIDS/PAP/EPA

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