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USA. Pillowcases, plates and cutlery disappear from Air Force One. A warning to journalists

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The White House Correspondents' Association has warned journalists not to take “souvenirs” from the US president's plane. These include pillowcases, plates and cutlery which, according to the BBC, disappeared from the media section of Air Force One.

Pillowcases, plates or cutlery – such “souvenirs” are not allowed to be taken from journalists from the presidential plane Air Force One. The White House Correspondents' Association reminded colleagues of this when it turned out that the part of the US president's machine intended for the press was missing equipment.

Joe Biden exits Air Force OneSamuel Corum/EPA/PAP

Cutlery and towels disappear

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Information about the association's warning was reported on Sunday by the BBC in a text titled “Hands off Biden's pillowcases.” In the letter, representatives of White House correspondents stressed that such behavior reflects badly on the entire industry and must end.

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Journalists traveling with the president on Air Force One sometimes receive a box of chocolates with the presidential seal as a souvenir, but cutlery and towels have also been disappearing from the plane for years, notes the BBC.

Air Force One. What's on board?

Air Force One, which the White House calls the president's “office in the sky”, has a three-level deck housing a spacious apartment for the head of state, a medical point with an operating table, a conference and dining room, two kitchens that can feed up to 100 people, as well as designated areas for the press and guests VIP, security and secretariat.

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The plane can refuel in the air and – thanks to being equipped with special communication equipment – function as a mobile command center.

Air Force OnePAP

Main photo source: Samuel Corum/EPA/PAP

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