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USA. Police warn of a man dressed as Cookie Monster

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Santa Cruz police are warning residents about a man who is walking around town dressed as Cookie Monster. It is known that his name is Adam Sandler, but he has nothing to do with the famous actor. Many locals say the individual is “terrifying.”

Police in Santa Cruz, California, warn on their Facebook profile about a man dressed in a Cookie Monster costume from “Sesame Street”. Officers reportedly received multiple calls from frightened people who are afraid of the “creepy” creature and feel uncomfortable in its presence.

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Santa Cruz Police Warn of ‘Cookie Monster’

“Recently in Santa Cruz, a man dressed as Cookie Monster has been causing unrest around the beach and waterfront,” the Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) said in a statement posted on Facebook on February 23. The police managed to identify his identity – he is a man named Adam Sandler, but he has no connection to the popular actor. The police also emphasize that he is not employed by any institution or company from the city or the surrounding area.

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The police noted that he had not committed any crime in the city so far. However, the officers know his past. “Based on the history of Adam Sandler across the country, the Santa Cruz Police Department is advising that you do not interact with this individual and stay away from him,” the statement said. “Allowing a child to have their picture taken with this character is a parent’s decision and risk. Please note that the SCPD advises against interacting with a person in a Cookie Monster costume due to their history of unpredictable vulgar comments and embarrassing behavior,” it said.

Police in Santa Cruz notice that the man is walking around the city in such a costume, taking advantage of the First Amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees him, among other things, freedom of speech. The police hope that his will not demonstrate “his behavior from the past”. which one? As they explained in one of the comments under the post, “he is widely known for his antagonistic antics in tourist places.” They added that coastal businesses “complained that he shouted and behaved irrationally towards customers”.

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Facebook/Santa Cruz Police

Main photo source: facebook.com/santacruzwharf

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