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USA. Polish general Adam Joks welcomed as the deputy commander of the V Corps at Fort Knox

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Adam Joks, a Polish Major General, was officially welcomed at the US Army V Corps Headquarters at Fort Knox, Kentucky, as Deputy Corps Commander. He is the first Pole in such a position.

– It is an important day for the USA and Poland. This is the first time since the War of Independence of the United States that a very high-ranking Polish officer has been assigned to an American military unit – General John Kolasheski, commander of the Corps, said during the ceremony. As he added, General Joks is a worthy successor to his predecessors – Tadeusz Kościuszko and Kazimierz Pulaski.

Polish general, a graduate of, among others US Army War College in Pennsylvania, appointed to this role by Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak, will be general Kolasheski’s deputy for interoperability, and his task will be to improve the integration of the corps with European allied forces.

“One thing you can count on with the Polish deputy commander is that he will always pronounce the commander’s name correctly,” joked Joks during the ceremony, referring to General Kolasheski. “Of course, you can expect a lot more from me,” he added.

5th US Army Corps

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The US Army V Corps is a unit reactivated in 2020, after a seven-year hiatus. Previously, she was stationed in Germany. The forward command post of the corps was established in Poznań, where the commanding officer will be General Matthew Van Wagenen, previously chief of staff in the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps within NATO.

Main photo source: V Corps / Twitter

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