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USA. Powerball lottery. The owner of a Los Angeles store sold a ticket worth a billion dollars. I’ll make a million

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The owner of the store that sold a billion-dollar Powerball winning ticket will receive a million dollars from its organizer. The lucky ticket was purchased in a small supermarket in downtown Los Angeles, frequented mainly by local workers. Host Nabor Herrera revealed in an interview with NBC what he intends to spend the money on.

In the American Powerball lottery on Wednesday, the jackpot was finally won – a billion dollars. This is the sixth largest American lottery jackpot and the third largest Powerball jackpot. The biggest win in the history of a numbers game was last year in California and amounted to $ 2.04 billion.

The winner of Wednesday’s draw has not yet been revealed, but the lottery organizer’s website said that the winning ticket was purchased at Las Palmitas Mini Market in downtown Los Angeles. According to the rules of the Powerball lottery, selling a ticket with well-marked numbers gives much more than just satisfaction. Nabor Herrera, owner of Las Palmitas, will now receive $1 million.

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powerball. A million dollars for the store owner

Herrera was interviewed by NBC journalists. – This is a huge surprise for us. We’re still trying to believe it, it’s a big deal and not everyone can handle it. Imagine the person who won this award Mexico man. He explained that most of his clients were workers working in the centre. “They come here regularly because they are from the area,” Herrera said.

The Mexican told NBC that he had been running his store for seven years. He calculated that during that time he sold Powerball lottery tickets worth a total of $106,000. He added that he intends to invest part of his $1 million prize in the store. He also wants to take his family on vacation with unexpectedly earned money.

The lottery winner himself or herself must report to the state office of the lottery operator, in this case, the California Lottery, to collect the prize. During the conference organized on Thursday, the company’s representatives noted that people who claim to have won are thoroughly verified, so it may take several months to identify the winner. The lucky ticket holder has one year to claim the money.

If a player chooses to withdraw all of the winnings at once, their account will be credited with $526.8 million after taxes. To receive a billion dollars, he must agree to pay the amount in annual installments.

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