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USA. Radosław Sikorski spoke after the debate. Did he refer to Biden?

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In the entry in English, the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs he referred to the figure of Marcus Aureliuswriting that he was a “great emperor” but “bungled his succession” by passing power to his son Commodus, whose “disastrous reign began the fall of Rome.”

“It's important to play your exit from the stage well,” he commented.

Describing Biden's performance in Thursday's debate, Politico wrote that his statements were sometimes incomprehensibleand the 81-year-old politician himself made an unfavorable impression – “his eyes were wandering, he was pale, he stuttered.”

Sikorski “has not caused controversy on social media for the first time,” the portal emphasized. It recalled that in September 2022, Sikorski posted a photo of the damaged Nord Stream gas pipeline and the words “Thank you, USA” on X, which was widely perceived as a suggestion that the US had involvement in pipeline damage. That entry brought Sikorski criticism from his own party. Ultimately, the entry was deleted.

Debate before the US elections. Joe Biden's poor performance

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Debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump took place on the night from Thursday to Friday, Polish time. In the opinion of the majority The Republican politician fared better in the clash.

The meeting was held without an audience and without additional aid due to the requests of the current president, who stated that his opponent liked media hype too much.

During the debate, not only US domestic policy issues were discussed, but also war in Ukraine and financial aid for the country attacked by Russia. Experts and journalists agreed that during the discussion Donald Trump wonwho showed more confidence and presented more concrete arguments.

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Americanist Mateusz Piotrowski: It turns out that Joe Biden is too old/RMF24.pl/RMF

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