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USA. Report: in 2022, the number of fully operational nuclear warheads has increased to 9,576 in the world

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According to the Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor report, the number of fully operational nuclear warheads in the world increased in 2022. Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal.

By early 2023, the number of ready-to-use warheads had increased to 9,576, according to Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor, a research organization set up by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and the Norwegian NPA fund.

Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world

Since 2022, the nuclear arsenal has been enriched by 136 warheads. Nuclear weapons stocks have increased ChinaIndia, North Korea and Pakistan. In Russia, although the total number of warheads has decreased, the number of those that are ready for use has increased.

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All nine nuclear weapons states – China, Franceindia, israel, North KoreaPakistan, Russia, United States and Great Britain – have a total of 12,512 warheads, of which 9,576 are fully operational.

Russia currently has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, with 5,889 active warheads, the report lists. Its authors add that the fear of the outbreak of a nuclear conflict last year reached the highest level since the end of the Cold War.

Main photo source: mil.ru

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