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USA. Robbery at a bank in Cleveland. The services identified the perpetrator after more than half a century

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Theodore John Conrad was an employee of a bank in Cleveland, Ohio. In July 1969, following the shift, he totaled $ 215,000 in a paper bag from the facility. For decades, law enforcement has tried unsuccessfully to find the man. Eventually, more than half a century after the robbery, officers reported that they had identified the perpetrator. The man from the early 1970s lived a quiet life under the changed name in Boston. He died in May of this year of lung cancer.

The incident happened on Friday, July 1969. 20-year-old Theodore John Conrad, who worked as a cashier at Society National Bank in Cleveland, at the end of his shift, left the facility with $ 215,000 (the equivalent of today’s $ 1.7 million), which he hid in paper bag. When the bank employees realized on Monday that there was no money in the box office, Conrad had already disappeared.


A quiet life under a changed name

More than half a century after the incident, federal law enforcement announced on Friday that they had successfully identified a man believed to be one of the most-wanted fugitives in the United States. According to the authorities, quoted by CNN, Conrad fled Ohio to Washington and Los Angeles to settle in Boston for good in the early 1970s under a changed name – Thomas Randele.

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According to investigators in Massachusetts, the man was expected to lead a quiet and modest life. The New York Times reported that he worked for 40 years as a used car dealer and professional golfer. Conrad died in May of this year of lung cancer. He was 71 years old.

According to the investigators, the case was solved when the documents completed by Conrad in the 1960s were compared with those submitted by Thomas Randele in recent years. Among them were, inter alia, files from a bankruptcy case that was conducted in 2014 by a Boston court.

According to detectives, Conrad allegedly shared his plans with friends, boasting that it would be an easy task for him. According to the American media, the man was obsessed with the 1968 film “The Thomas Crown Affair” with Steve McQueen, the plot of which is about a bank robbery.

Two generations of investigators

One of the officers investigating the robbery in Cleveland was Peter Elliott, who took over the investigation from his father. – My father never stopped looking for Conrad and wanted to close this case until his death in 2020 – said the detective.

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