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USA. Saliva and foam came out of the passenger’s mouth. Incident on board a plane flying to Alaska

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A passenger on an airliner has been arrested after he “began to be violent” on board. Earlier, the flight attendant smelled a “burnt smell” from the bathroom where the passenger was supposed to be, from whose mouth saliva and foam came out, the media reported. Authorities found “trace amounts of heroin and carfentanil” in his luggage.

The incident aboard an Alaska Airlines flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Anchorage, Alaska, occurred on Saturday, the Alaskan radio KINY portal reported. One of the flight attendants, after about two hours of flight, reportedly heard screams coming from the bathroom at the back of the plane. Upon opening the door, she smelled a “burnt smell,” according to a statement later made by an FBI agent seen by the Anchorage Daily News.

Inside was 37-year-old Christian David Burch, described by the flight attendant as “angry”. According to the account, saliva and foam came out of his mouth. Stumbling, the passenger made his way to the front of the plane. The flight attendant stopped him before he reached the cockpit and told him to take his seat, the statement said. Among the passengers was a nurse who assessed that Burch should be given Narcan, a drug used in the treatment of opioid overdose. Then the 37-year-old “began to be aggressive”.

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Passenger Says He’s ‘Dizzy’

Three passengers helped the flight crew keep the man in his chair so the nurse could administer the medicine. The flight attendants put him in handcuffs. One of them later reported scratches on her neck and hands. During the intervention, a bag with a white substance fell out of Burch’s pocket. After the man was given sedatives, he “remained calm for the remaining two hours of the flight.”

Alaska Airlines plane (illustration photo)Shutterstock

After landing in Anchorage, he was arrested. During questioning, he told investigators that he “went dizzy” during the flight, then woke up on the floor to see people standing over him. Before leaving Minneapolis, he said, he ate food products containing “THC-like substance”. In addition, the services found in his hand luggage “trace amounts of heroin and carfentanil (an opioid used to anesthetize animals).” According to KINY radio, Burch was charged with “numerous crimes on board the aircraft”, including assault. He is due to appear in court on Thursday.

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Incidents involving passengers. Authority statistics

Incidents involving passengers who disrupt flights with threats or violent behavior are a “continuous problem,” the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) points out on its website, noting that airlines “have seen a sharp increase in such incidents since 2021.” According to the FAA, in 2021 there were 5,973 incidents involving passengers on commercial airliners, a 492 percent increase from 2020. A year ago, there were 2,455 incidents involving “unruly” passengers, this year – so far – 857.

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CINEMAS, Anchorage Daily News, FAA

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