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USA. San Diego landing incident. The planes were 30 meters away from the collision

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CNN reports on Friday’s incident at the airport in San Diego (California). The pilot of the landing private jet was supposed to notice during this maneuver that there was still a passenger plane on the runway.

According to the head of the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) quoted by CNN, a private Cessna landing at the airport in San Diego, California, was only 100 feet (about 30 meters) from a Southwest airliner. CNN writes that her pilot “almost landed” on the jet. As the station adds, this is the seventh investigated incident related to “runway incursion” this year. “This is of great concern to me and the agency. I am concerned about the possibility of a potential tragedy,” Jennifer Homendy, head of the NTSB, told the station.

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Aborted landing in San Diego

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The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) reported last weekend that air traffic controllers at San Diego Airport cleared an incoming Cessna Citation jet to land on Runway 27, then told Southwest Flight 2493 to taxi to the same runway and wait for takeoff clearance. The agency says the collision warning alerts alerted air traffic controllers “of the developing situation.” They quickly ordered the Cessna crew to abort the landing.

CNN quotes a transcript of a conversation between the Cessna pilot and the tower, which shows that as he approached the landing, he noticed that the Southwest plane was still on the runway. The pilot then asked if the runway was free. Then the controller ordered him to abort the approach and the passenger plane to leave the runway. According to CNN, no one was injured during the incident.

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