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USA. Schools will have to notify parents if their child asks to change the name or pronouns they have been addressed with

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The Indiana State Senate has approved a bill that would require schools to inform parents if their children ask to change their pronouns or first names. According to critics, the law targets LGBTIQ people. The bill now awaits approval in the state House of Representatives.

Indiana state senators voted 37 to 12 on Monday to approve a bill that would require Indiana schools to notify parents if their children ask teachers and peers to call them by different names or refer to them by different names. pronouns.

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Controversial law in Indiana

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Under the Act, the school will have to provide written notice to parents or children within five working days legal guardians about their child asking to be addressed by a different “pronoun, title, or word.” Proponents of the law argue that this will give parents the choice of how their child is raised. “We recognize that parents’ rights are important and they need to know what is going on in their child’s life at school,” said Republican Senator Stacey Donato.

However, the opponents of the act emphasize that this is another regulation aimed at the rights of LGBTIQ people (the abbreviation LGBTIQ refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people). Last month, the Senate Education Committee held a public hearing with residents of the state to criticize the bill. – Growing up in a violent home prevented me from coming out early, even though I knew from the age of 5 that I was non-binary. I know we all like to believe that every parent is competent and well-meaning. But this hope does not reflect the sad reality, said Quinn Mackenzie, who attended the meeting.

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Concerns about the new law

The act also prohibits teaching children until third grade about “human sexuality.” According to Senator Michelle Davis, this gives parents control over “introducing sensitive topics to their children.” However, critics say such a solution would eliminate the discussion of LGBTIQ people in classrooms due to concerns that they would fall under the theme of “human sexuality.” “Our teachers care about our children, and the idea that there is a conspiracy … of teachers trying to secretly teach our youth everything that is inappropriate for their age is an insult to the entire profession,” said Democratic Senator JD Ford.

The bill will now return to the state House of Representatives for another vote. If approved, it will go to Governor Eric Holcomb’s signature.

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