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USA. Secret documents found in Biden’s old office covered Ukraine, Iran and Britain

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According to CNN, the 10 classified documents found in Biden’s former office include intelligence documents and those containing information on Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom. The US president also said he was fully cooperating with the investigation into the matter.

Classified documents found in the office Joe Biden in Washington, including Ukraine, Iran and the UK, CNN reported on Tuesday, citing a source. According to CNN, the documents were found in a locked cupboard in the decommissioning office of the Penn Biden Center, where Biden worked before his presidency. They were in boxes containing the personal documents and materials of the current president USA.

The 10 classified documents include: intelligence documents and those that contain information about Ukraine, Iranor Great Britain from 2013-2016, when Biden was vice president. According to CNN, Attorney General Merrick Garland has already received a preliminary report on the case and must decide what action to take.

Secret documents in Biden’s office

White House lawyer Richard Sauber announced the discovery of the documents on Monday. According to him, the discovery took place on November 2, which he was to immediately inform the National Archives, which took the documents the next day.

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The building housing the Penn Biden CenterJIM LO SCALZO/PAP/EPA

The holding of classified documents was the reason for the house of the former US president to be searched in 2022 Donald Trump. Trump has retained documents, including those of the highest classification, despite several attempts by state authorities to recover them. The former president had more than 300 such documents in his estate. The case is under investigation by the prosecutor’s office.

Biden: I was surprised

Joe Biden first publicly addressed the documents during a press conference at the North American Leaders’ Summit in Mexico. He said he became aware of the case when his lawyers found them while clearing out the Washington office he used before the presidency as part of his work for the University of Pennsylvania.

“They found some documents in a box, in a locked cupboard, and as soon as they realized there were some classified documents in there, they did what they should have done,” Joe Biden said.

“They immediately notified the National Archives and handed it over to the Archives. I was informed about it and I was surprised that there are any government documents in this office. “We are fully cooperating with the (security) review and hope it will be concluded soon,” he added.

Main photo source: JIM LO SCALZO/PAP/EPA

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