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USA. Sentenced to death, Leonard Taylor is to be executed for killing a 28-year-old woman and her children

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In 2004, the bodies of 28-year-old Angela Rowe and her three children were found in a house in the suburbs of Saint Louis. It was determined that all the victims died as a result of being shot. Leonard Taylor was arrested in connection with the case. Four years later, the man received the death sentence, which is now to be carried out. However, the convict maintains that he did not commit the crime attributed to him, reports “Newsweek”.

Leonard Taylor, 58, is due to receive a lethal injection on Tuesday, February 7 at the Bonne Terre, Missouri, correctional facility. As Newsweek points out, the man has pleaded not guilty and his lawyers are still fighting to have the execution postponed. Last week, they asked Missouri Governor Mike Parson to set up an independent commission of inquiry to re-examine the case.

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Missouri. The murder of Angela Rowe and her children

The killings for which Taylor was sentenced to death occurred in late 2004 in Saint Louis. On December 3, police found the bodies of Angela Rowe, 28, and her children Alexus, 10, AcQreya, 6, and Tyrese, 5, at their home in Jennings, a suburb of Saint Louis. The officers went inside because the relatives of the victims had not been able to contact them for several days. The bodies of all those killed had gunshot wounds. It was determined that the victims had been killed two to three weeks earlier.

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On December 9 of the same year, Taylor, Rowe’s boyfriend at the time, was arrested in connection with the case. At the time of his arrest, the man was wanted for a parole violation related to his conviction for forgery. The arrest took place in Madisonville, Kentucky, at the home of a woman Taylor was seeing at the same time.

Quoted by “Newsweek” investigators determined that a week before the bodies were found, the suspect asked his sister-in-law to give him a ride to the airport. The woman testified that it was not surprising because Taylor often traveled on business. This time, however, he took more luggage with him. In addition, his sister-in-law noticed him throwing what she thought was a firearm into the trunk. From Saint Louis, Taylor flew to California, where his wife and daughter lived.

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Leonard Taylor pleads not guilty

Taylor has maintained his innocence from the beginning. He maintained that Rowe and her children were alive when he left Missouri. According to “The Intercept” The man’s assertions initially conflicted with the testimony of his brother, who told investigators that he had confessed to all four murders in a private conversation. Later, however, he retracted these words, claiming that he was forced to give false testimony by the police. Taylor’s guilt was also to be proved by the evidence found at the crime scene.

According to “Newsweek” in favor of the 58-year-old convict, i.a. the testimony of his daughter, who was 13 when her father was arrested. The girl assured that her dad called Rowe and her children in front of her after he got to California. Taylor’s lawyers have also repeatedly stressed that witnesses saw the victims in the period between their client’s departure and the discovery of the bodies.

If the execution is not stopped, Taylor will be the second person executed in Missouri this year. Throughout 2022, two people were executed in the state.

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