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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

USA, severe thunderstorms in the southern and central states. Heavy rainfall, several tornadoes

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The southern and central states of the United States were hit by storms. The strong storm system brought heavy rain, hail and gusty winds. Several tornadoes have been reported in Oklahoma. Some flights were canceled, there were problems with air traffic control. According to forecasts, this is not the end of the violent phenomena.

Several tornadoes occurred on Northwest, Central and Eastern Oklahoma on Sunday. One of them visited the town of Anadarko in Caddo County. Meteorologist Lacey Swope said damage from the element was reported approximately 12 kilometers west of Boone. The storm was moving northeast at a speed of about 72 kilometers per hour.

In the town of Amber, Graddy County, a tornado knocked down power poles east of the town along one of the roads. The fire brigade reported that the shop and the house had been damaged.

The alarming sound of warning sirens was alarming about the arrival of tornadoes.

In Oklahoma, tornado sirens wailedENEX, Twitter / DennieBrison

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According to NBC News, power lines were damaged and trees were damaged in many places due to violent events. In Coweta, on the outskirts of Tulsa, buildings have been damaged. “Coweta public schools canceled classes on Monday, justifying it by the need to assess the damage caused by storms on their campuses,” NBC said.

According to Oklahoma Gas & Electric’s (OG&E) facility, more than 4,870 of their customers were cut off Monday morning.

As reported on ABC television, there were no reports of fatalities or injuries.

Storm clouds passing through OklahomaENEX

Hailstorms, strong wind and downpours

There was heavy rain and hail in many places. “In Norman, just over 30 kilometers south of Oklahoma City, baseball-sized hailstones smashed windows and damaged cars. Ponca City reported five centimeters of hail,” NBC News said, citing a weather service.

In the recording from the city of Norman, you can see and hear how hailstones hit the windows during a storm. It was as if someone were hitting the windows and glass doors with stones. It was accompanied by a gusty wind.

“This is madness” – shout the excited and probably very scared inhabitants of the house.

Oklahoma: hailstorm with strong windsReuters / Cole Norton

Heavy rainfall also occurred in Argyle, Texas. The water flooded the pools and flooded lawns and buildings. It turned out, however, that the greatest damage was caused by the hail.

A strong storm front brought heavy rain, lightning, and wind to parts of Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri as well. According to the storm prediction center (SPC) forecast, some areas of Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan could still be hit by heavy storms on Monday. On Tuesday, however, they will threaten the states of Kansas and Oklahoma.

Canceled flights

Southwest Airlines was forced to cancel at least 30 percent of its scheduled flights due to bad weather conditions. Traffic control problems were reported on the remaining flights.

Main photo source: ENEX

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