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USA. She found $15,000 that the newlyweds had lost. She returned the money and got a car as a reward

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Dianne Gordon, 65, found $15,000 on her way home from work. She immediately reported the find to the police. Local residents who learned about the woman’s honest behavior decided to start a fundraiser for her. The woman’s car broke down a year ago and she couldn’t afford a new one. So she was walking to work and came across a lost bag.

Just like every day, on January 21, Dianne Gordon returned from work in one of the stores in Michigan. A year ago, she used to drive her car, but in February 2022 the vehicle broke down, it could not be repaired, and the woman could not afford to buy a new one. Since then, she walked more than four kilometers each way from White Lake County to neighboring Waterford, five days a week, in about an hour. During one of these trips, however, she came across an unusual find.

15 thousand dollars in a bag at a gas station

On her way home, she got hungry and decided to grab a snack at a nearby gas station. As she opened the door, she looked down and noticed a transparent bag. After she picked it up, she realized that there was money inside, more precisely, as it later turned out, $14,780. “I just looked at it, I knew it wasn’t mine. I knew what had to be done – says Gordon, quoted by The Washington Post. So she went inside the building and immediately called the police. The officer who arrived took the bag of cash, and just two hours later, Gordon received a call saying that the owners of the money had been found.

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It turned out to be a young couple who had gotten married earlier that day. Wedding cards with their names, which were in the bag along with the money, helped to track down the newlyweds. – (Dianne Gordon – ed.) did not hesitate, did not question. It’s not very common for someone who finds a large sum of money to return it. Some do, but some don’t. She didn’t give it a second thought,” said White Lake Police Chief Dan Keller.

Dianne Gordon, on the other hand, claims that she didn’t do anything special. – If something doesn’t belong to you, you don’t keep it to yourself. I didn’t do anything special, just returned something that didn’t belong to me,” she said.

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Collection for a new car

Despite this, the local community was very impressed with the 65-year-old’s attitude. So much so that they decided to reward her honesty. Stacy Connell, the wife of the officer who dealt with the case, out of admiration for the woman, created a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise funds for a new car. “As a cop’s wife, I usually hear bad things, so of course it touched my heart,” she said.

In less than a week, we managed to collect over 60,000. dollars, and donors praise Gordon’s kindness in the comments on the portal. The woman admitted that she was grateful to everyone who decided to support her, although she did not expect such a response. – I never expected something like this. I was just doing what I was taught. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, she said. With the accumulated money, she managed to buy what the woman needed most – a new car. The transaction took place with the support of the local police and a local car dealership. She went on her first ride with her two grandchildren, aged 11 and 13. She also admitted that she plans to offer rides to work for her co-workers.

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