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USA. She saw a child walking along the highway at night. She notified the police and then disappeared

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Carlethia Russell was reported missing in the US on Friday. A woman was driving on a highway in Alabama when she saw a small child walking on the side of the road. She was supposed to stop, call 911, and then call her loved ones. When the police arrived, they found the car abandoned, but the woman and the child were missing. The services began the search, offering 25,000. dollars for help finding a 25-year-old. Two days later, Carlethia Russell returned home. Many questions remain on the matter.

Police in the city of Hoover received a call about a small child walking on the shoulder of the interstate at around 9:34 p.m. Thursday. Carlethia Russell, who made the report, was supposed to stop by the little boy and then called her brother’s girlfriend to tell about the incident. The interlocutor lost contact with her at some point, although the connection was not broken.

Upon arrival, the officers located the reporting car, but did not find either her or the child, Hoover police said in a statement on their website, noting that they had not received any reports of a few-year-old missing.

She called the police and disappeared

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The services began the search, offering 25,000. reward dollars for help locating Carlethia Russell. Over the next two days, the news of the missing woman was widely disseminated by the media and services. Police have released a series of photos of Russell online along with details that could help identify her. On Saturday at approx. At 10:45 p.m., the dispatcher received a call from a person who reported that the woman had returned home. Carlethia Russell was taken to the hospital for tests and left shortly after, police said in a statement quoted by CNN.

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It is not clear where the 25-year-old was from Thursday to Saturday. According to the services, she left work around 20:20 on Thursday, then ordered food and went to pick it up, at around 21:34 she called the emergency number. After Russell returned home, police said they had “preliminarily questioned” the woman. In addition, it was reported that as part of its investigation, it was checking surveillance camera footage in the vicinity of where the vehicle was found.

Russell’s mother told AL.com that her daughter was on the phone with her brother’s girlfriend just before she disappeared. – My son’s girlfriend heard (Russell) ask the child, “Are you okay?” She didn’t hear the baby say anything, but then she heard my daughter screaming, the woman said, adding that later only “motorway noise” could be heard. Police are not releasing any information about the child.

Police on the return home of the missing person

Hoover officers are “very pleased that Russell has returned home safely,” Hoover Police Chief Nicholas Derzis told WRBC. As he emphasized, the 25-year-old and her family should now have “time to collect themselves”. I know it was a difficult experience for them. When we feel it’s time to sit down and talk to Carlee and try to get the facts straight, we’ll do it.” He added that at one point, “50 or 60 officers” were working on the case.

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