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USA. Shooting in Philadelphia – video surveillance. People were running away when shots rang out

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There was a shootout in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday night, in which three people were killed and at least eleven injured. According to investigators, this tragic event was the result of an argument between at least two men. A monitoring video appeared in the media, showing the reactions of passers-by to the sound of shots.

A few hours later, in the morning of Sunday morning, the shots were fired in front of the nightclub in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Three people lost their lives and eleven were injured.

Police about the arrangements

At the press conference, police representatives spoke about the arrangements made so far in this matter. “One of the three fatalities was a man who had previously been involved in a fight, which could have caused the shooting,” said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw.

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According to the policewoman, the participants of the row started shooting at each other. Both were to be shot and one of them fatal. – The other two fatalities, as well as the injured, were not involved in the argument. They were just innocent passers-by – she said.

“We know we had at least five different weapons in there,” said another officer, Inspector Frank Vanore. – Not including the policeman who fired back. So far we’ve recovered two weapons. We have three more that we have to find and compare with our evidence – he said.

A monitoring video appeared in the media, showing the reactions of passers-by to the sound of shots. People in the crowded street fled in panic, and the place itself quickly emptied. “When the shooting broke out, hundreds of people were enjoying South Street as they were every weekend,” said Inspector DF Pace.

When the sound of gunshots sounded, people started to fleeREUTERS

Police said the fatalities were between 22 and 34 years old. It is not known yet what is the health condition of the injured who were transported to hospitals. 11 people suffered injuries, of which the youngest was 17 and the oldest 69.

Another shootout

This is another tragic shooting in the US. In early June, such an incident also occurred at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where an attacker killed four and injured several. In turn, in the May massacre at a school in Uvalde, Texas, 21 people died, including 19 students and two teachers, and earlier in Buffalo, New York, 10 people were killed by bullets by the attacker.

According to the Gun Violence Archieve organization, there have been at least 240 shootings in the US since the beginning of the year.

Main photo source: REUTERS

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