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USA: Shooting in Uvalde. Funeral of children in love. Annabell Rodriguez and Xavier Lopez were laid to rest in adjacent graves

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Annabell Rodriguez and Xavier Lopez were both ten years old, best friends, and in the evening they shared their love on text messages. They both died in a shootout at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Children in love were buried next to each other.

Mother Annabell RodriguezMonica Gallegos told ABC News that in August, after the first day of the new school year, her daughter had mentioned a boy in her class. She said he “smelled and looked really nice”. She meant Xavier Lopez.

Ten-year-old Xavier Lopezgofundme.com

Over the next few months, the ten-year-olds grew very close. During lessons, they exchanged messages on paper cards, spent a lot of time together, and finally started dating. Annabell wore a necklace with a photo of Xavier at school, which the boy had given her. In spring, when it got warmer, their families agreed to barbecue together.

Mothers discovered that their children exchanged text messages saying “I love you” before going to bed. – We laughed: how do they know what love is? – recalled Monica Gallegos in an interview with ABC News.

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Death after the graduation ceremony

On the morning of May 24, Annabell and Xavier attended the graduation ceremony, along with the other children. After the ceremony, they posed for a photo in the school cafeteria. Then they said goodbye to their parents present at the ceremony and returned to their classes. About an hour later they were both shot by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

Their families decided that ten-year-olds would rest in adjacent graves in Hillcrest Cemetery in Uvalde. Xavier’s funeral took place on Wednesday, and his friend was buried on Thursday.

“They really loved each other”

In room 111, where Rodriguez and Lopez were at the time of the shooting, there were a total of 12 people – 11 students and teacher Arnulfo Reyes. All the children died, Reyes was shot twice, but he survived.

The teacher’s condition had already improved significantly, so that the man was able to give an interview with ABC News. In it, he said he had a grudge against the policemen who stood outside the school entrance for over an hour before deciding to enter the building. “You had vests, we had nothing,” Reyes said in an emotional conversation.

He also referred to the account of Annabell and Xavier in it. – He did a lot of things for her, wrote her notes. The thought of these two makes you smile, they really loved each other – he admitted.

Two weeks have now passed since the tragic shooting in Uvalde. 21 people were killed in the attack – two teachers and 19 children. The attacker was shot by an officer border guards. First funerals of the shootings victims took place at the end of May.

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